Flowers – Food for the Soul

We began our farming adventures growing food; healthy food to nourish the body. We still try to grow as much of our own food as possible, not because it is easy – oh no, it is much more convenient to run to the grocery store – but because we want good food, CLEAN food, raised in a sustainable and humane way. The choices WE make control the entire process from seed or egg to harvest, not some faceless multinational corporation, and we are better for it. When we nuture our land, it in turn nurtures us with bountiful harvests.

But what about the soul? Without soul, even the healthiest body is incomplete. Beauty nourishes the soul, whether it be through art, music…or flowers!

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul”

Luther Burbank

And it is true. Study after study has confirmed that flowers in the home or office increase concentration. Their fragrance is associated with memory, the mere sight of flowers first thing in the morning can lift the mood for the entire day, and hospital patients given flowers to brighten their rooms needed less postoperative pain medication, had lower systolic blood pressure and pulse rates, were less anxious and tired, and generally were in a more positive psychological state than patients in rooms without flowers. Even though there seems to be a trend away from sending flowers for a funeral, one of the original purposes of this practice was to lift the spirits of the bereaved.

Our home gardens have now evolved into a flower and lavender farm. We sell a variety of cut flowers along with fresh and dried lavender.

We also offer artisanal lavendar products and floral jellies in season.

Interested in learning how to cook with flowers? Or create floral arrangements and bouquets? Visit our floral page here on the website, or our Instagram and Facebook pages for class offerings.

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