“Ragnar”   FOR SALE — $500

AKPR 8442, KKP Tutanekai 5; Black and White, 2 Wattles

We love this boy’s looks!   Rags has a long body with good depth, width and level topline with a nice overall balance, held up by solid bone and strong flexible pasterns.  He is also the poster child for the kunekune temperament.   A gentle and soft spoken fellow, Rags sired his first litter with Althea at 10 months of age.  Solid fertility and ease of handling make this boy a valuable pig to have on the farm!

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Ragnar’s sire is Captain (Tutanekai) and his dam is Hattie (Kereopa).

“Mace”  FOR SALE — $750

AKPR 9216, KKP Whakanui 19; Tri-color with the Tapeka trait

I generally don’t like the white belly band, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this little ginger boy when he was only a few days old.  Mace gets his white belly band – the Tapeka trait – from his sire, Jagger.    Though he has no wattles, his positive attributes will make him a valuable addition to our breeding program.  Through judicious breeding, we hope to produce quality offspring from this boy that also have those breed defining kunekune wattles.

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Mace’s sire is Jagger (Whakanui) and his dam is Ginger (Jenny).