When you get your flowers home, take them out of the packaging and trim the stems 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Make the cut neatly at an angle. This allows more surface area for the stems to take up water.

If you elected to keep your blooms in their cutting cup with holding solution, place them back in the cup (or transfer the solution to another vessel) and let them rest in a cool dark place for a few hours to acclimate to your home environment. NARCISSI must be conditioned separately from other flowers. After a day apart, they may be mixed with other blooms.

While the flowers acclimate, mix the flower food packet with water per the instructions and pour into your favorite vase, or vases if you wish to make multiple arrangements. Then arrange your flowers in a pleasing fashion.

Every day or two, trim a little bit more off the stems and replace the water with fresh. You may continue to use flower food, available from online retailers, or just plain water. The flowers will last longer with flower food.

Some blooms may fade faster than others as that is the nature of some flowers. Dahlias will only last a few days while lisianthus may last up to two weeks. Pinch spent flowers from multi-bloom stems such as gladioli, lilies, or iris.

Keep your arrangements out of direct sun and away from drafts.

Most important of all, ENJOY your flowers!