STRESS — it all began as a way to reduce stress.

Several years ago my physician told me to reduce stress with exercise, try meditation, or practice a hobby that I enjoy.

I chose to work with flowers.   I began with supermarket bunches but soon grew bored with the same few offerings.   I then turned to my own gardens for inspiration, but as every gardener knows, we hesitate to pick from that beautiful flower bed we, or a family member, have worked so hard to cultivate.

It wasn’t until a family trip to Ashville, NC that the perfect solution presented itself along the way…a pick your own flower farm.   We’d picked pumpkins, apples, and berries at local you-pick farms for many years, surely there was a you pick flower farm somewhere close to home?   When we didn’t find one, the seeds for Graystem Farm burst into full bloom!    

While we welcome you to enjoy our flower field, the farm is our home and the you-pick field hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.    We also limit cutting to morning and evening hours due to heat and sun exposure.  This also helps the flowers to last longer, plus they are the best times to get those golden hour photos. 

We also host workshops throughout the  year and special you-pick days.   Subscribe to our e-letter to get the latest information on what is happening & when and to learn about any special offers.   We promise not to spam you or share our mailing list with third parties!   

Graystem Farm is a proud member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers and the United States Lavender Growers Association

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