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Last Updated – October 9, 2019


Althea’s litter of seven (born July 24, 2019) has registered with the AKPR.  Each piglet is listed at an unregistered price.  If you are interested in registered breeding stock, the  gilts are $400 and boars $350 each.  Pictures, information and links to pedigrees (highlighted text) for the available piglets – Lark, Linnet, Snooter and Tank –  are shown below.  Note that these are holding names, new owners will choose ‘aka’ registration names.

We also have registered adults available.  The prices listed are the prices we paid for the animals as unproven youngsters.   Additional animals are listed on our Gilts & Sows and Boars pages.

A discount is applied to multiple purchases.

Thea Nursing Litter

Labeled litter 2Labeled Litter Sale

“Snooter” – AKPR 13734 – Boar $150 unregistered.  Predominantly black with white patches.  “Snooter” is a nice double wattled boar with good teats, good length of body, depth of chest and strong springy pasterns.  His ears are upright (“prick ears”) and his upturned nose length will most likely be medium-short.   I suspect he will closely resemble his sire Ragnarr, but I can’t be certain at this point, thus he will be sold unregistered.  Displays the typical kunekune temperament and loves his scritches!  (for some odd reason, his label doesn’ t appear in the photo below.  Snooter is the piglet on the right)  A perfect boar for a homestead family!

Lark and Snooter 7 weeksSnooter and Linnet 7 weeks

“Linnet” AKPR 13738 Gilt.   $200 unregistered.  Linnet is a predominantly black gilt with a few white spots and four white feet.  She does not have any wattles, but if she did, she wouldn’t be leaving the farm!  Best conformation of the three girls.   Built solid like her brother “Tank”.  As with her siblings, Linnet displays the typical kunekune temperament and loves scritchies.  She would be perfect for a homestead breeding herd.

Linnet 7 weeksLinnet and Tank 7 weeks

“Lark” AKPR 13739  Gilt.  $200 unregistered.   Lark is a double wattled black and white gilt whose white patches remind me of angel wings on her back though she is far from angelic with a mischevious personality.   Lark is the first to discover new new things and grabs as many cherry tomatoes as she can before hiding from the others to enjoy them.   Inquisitive and confident, she is the benevolent ruler of this litter.  It took me five weeks to decide between her and sibling Lily as to who to retain.   Lark has good length and strong pasterns, four white socks which makes clipping hooves so easy.  She too loves her scritches and belly rubs.

Lark 7 weeksLark and Snooter 7 weeks

Maeve”   FOR SALE – $500

AKPR 8449, KKP Aria Giana 4; White and Black

Maeve is an Aria Giana line gilt from Kunekune Preserve.  Maeve displays a long body with well sprung ribs, good teats and a level topline. She is as wide as she is deep, displaying the “fat round” shape for which the kunekune is named.  We swear she could gain weight on air!  Her hams are also well developed.  Though she was born with two wattles, she came to us with none.  Maeve is also quite the personality…a true “ham.”   Maeve may be in pig.   She has been in with both Rags and Mace and *seems* to be developing that softer belly line that indicates pregnancy; however, her sale price reflects an open gilt.

Summer coat maeve

“Ragnar”   FOR SALE — $500

AKPR 8442, KKP Tutanekai 5; Black and White, 2 Wattles

We love this boy’s looks!   Rags has a long body with good depth, width and level topline with a nice overall balance, held up by solid bone and strong flexible pasterns.  He is also the poster child for the kunekune temperament.   A gentle and soft spoken fellow, Rags sired his first litter with Althea at 10 months of age.  Solid fertility and ease of handling make this boy a valuable addition to any farm!

side rags summer coat


Unless otherwise noted, all of our kunekunes will be litter notified and registered with the American Kunekune Pig Registry.  Since we are also members of the American Kunekune Pig Society,  pigs may also be registered with the AKKPS for an additional $75 fee (subject to registry and/or UC Davis fee increases.)  Note that the AKKPS does not recognize the 2010 New Zealand import Tutanekai as a separate boar line and will change it to Mahia Love.   Please be 100% certain that you want an unregistered kunekune at the time of purchase.   We will NOT register these animals once they leave our farm!  


We do not have any chickens or hatching eggs available at this time.


We do not have any quail or hatching eggs available at this time.