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Last Updated – April 5, 2020

We are dispersing our herd of Kunekune pigs to focus on growing specialty cut flowers and vegetables.  

All pigs currently available are listed below.

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We accept credit cards for purchases over $35.00


Due to recent changes in the AKPR registry we will NOT be registering any of the piglets listed below.   

REMINDER, we are dispersing our kunekune herd, therefore juvenile pricing is based upon current feeder piglet prices ($90 to $100) in our area.   Pricing of the adults also reflects steeply discounted pricing for proven kunekune.  There will be no additional discounts or negotiation on price.  Thank you. 

We have two 9 month old boars from the Althea x Ragnar litter.  One is solid black with wattles and semi-lop ears.  Very sweet temperament.  The other is also solid black without wattles, prick ears.   Would be a great grow out for pork production.  Weights around 50-55 lbs. $50.00 each.  (two in front pictured below.)


Althea” FOR SALE – $250 

AKPR 7863, CBF Jenny 2;  Black

Thea is a lovely Jenny line sow who farrowed her first litter of seven on July 24, 2019.  She comes to us from Corvabella Farm.  Corvabella Farm focuses on heritage breed preservation and pastured pork production.  Thea’s conformation falls within the American kunekune standard displaying a typey head with two well attached wattles, semi-prick ears, a firm level topline, solid bone, strong pasterns and eleven teats.  She has demonstrated nice first year growth and the great mothering traits typical of the Jenny line.  The famous placid kunekune temperament is reflected in her sweet expressive face.

Linnet 7 weeks

“Maeve”   FOR SALE  – $250

AKPR 8449, KKP Aria Giana 4; White and Black

Maeve is an Aria Giana line proven sow from Kunekune Preserve.  Maeve displays a long body with well sprung ribs, good teats and a level topline. She is as wide as she is deep, displaying the “fat round” shape for which the kunekune is named.  We swear she could gain weight on air!  Her hams are also well developed.  Though she was born with two wattles, she came to us with none.  Maeve is also quite the personality…a true “ham.”  She is also proving to be a great mother!

Summer coat maeve

“Eowyn” FOR SALE – $250

AKPR 8452, KKP Rona 31; Brown and white (she’s a little muddy in the photo!)

We call this sweet sow Winsome Winnie.  She is a Rona line girl from Kunekune Preserve.   As a young pig her coat displayed the handsome agouti stripe pattern found in brown and crème colored kunekunes.


We do not have any chickens or hatching eggs available at this time.


We do not have any quail or hatching eggs available at this time.