The seeds for our lavender farm were planted many, many years ago by Grandma C.   She loved lavender – in “fancy” soaps and as dried buds in the beautiful sachets she lovingly crocheted and embroidered.

For many years we tried to grow lavender in the landscape without much success.  It wasn’t until 2018 that we learned lavender does not like to be well watered, nor does it thrive in fertile garden soils.  Like great wine grapes, lavender does best when it suffers a little.

Lavender Bundle w ribbon

Soon after this discovery, we decided to give lavender another chance.   We planted lavandula x intermedia ‘Phenomenal’, a patented variety of French lavender that can handle our heat and humidity.  Success at last!   Phenomenal makes a beautiful floral essential oil available in our shop.  We also sell some of the plants in 4″ pots.

Platinum Blonde

After the success with ‘Phenomenal’, we expanded our plantings and currently grow several varieties including the culinary English Hidcote, ‘Sensational!’ and even a varigated variety.  Each year we will be adding and trialing new varieties.

At Graystem Farm, lavender season begins in late May and runs through mid-July, sometimes with a second flush of blooms in early autumn.   We distill our own essential oils and hydrosol to create our very own hand crafted bath & beauty products.   Our fields produce enough lavender for spice & herb blends, candies and baked delicacies and sachets.  We also offer fresh cut lavender bundles, and offer dried lavender buds by weight so you can experiment with this versatile herb!

Lavender bud scoop

These products are available in our Online Store.

Graystem Farm is a proud member of the United States Lavender Growers Association.


Want to watch a brief but relaxing video of bees among the lavender? Check out our YouTube video!